News from Ukraine: Ukraine demands militants release 107 Ukrainians illegally held in Donbas

19:19 Aug. 3, 2016

Ukraine demands militants release 107 Ukrainians illegally held in Donbas

Prisoner swap (UNIAN Photo)

Prisoner release is envisaged by the Minsk ceasefire deal 

Ukraine demands militants free 107 Ukrainian prisoners and hostages (held in the separatist-held territories), as the Trilateral Contact Group on the Donbas conflict meets in Minsk.

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This is reported by Darka Olifer, press secretary of Leonid Kuchma, Ukraine's representative at the Trilateral Contact Group talks.

"In general, we demand the release of 107 Ukrainians who are illegally detained. We also insist the International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) be fully involved in the hostage/prisoner release procedure - ICRC experts should get access to hostages, discover their whereabouts," Olifer wrote on Facebook following the Trilateral Contact Group talks held on Wednesday, August 3.

However, she added that earlier militants claimed they held only 21 Ukrainians hostage.

Later, militant leaders admitted that currently 45 Ukrainians are held prisoner.

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As of June 8, 112 Ukrainians are held in militant captivity, 10 of them are detained in Russia.


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