Ukraine talked on sidelines of G20: Ukraine discussed on G20 sidelines as Putin meets world leaders
Politics09:53 Sep. 6, 2016

Ukraine discussed on G20 sidelines as Putin meets world leaders

Russian leader takes advantage of the fact that no Kyiv representatives were  invited to the summit in China

The second day of G20 summit goes on in China. Ukraine is not invited - even, as a guest. The USA and China insist they already have agreed on some crucial topics concerning climate change control and finances. Experts say, Russia's president Vladimir Putin arrived at the summit to talk about geopolitical crisis. Yet, China insists on discussing economics and climate.

Xi Jinping, the President of the People's Republic of China: "We need to promote win-win interconnection, foster and improve the global value chain and increase the participation of parties concerned so as to create a chain of win-win global growth."

Russia paid quite a lot of efforts to discuss the so-called Ukrainian question in the Normandy group, yet without Ukraine. Nevertheless, this plan did not work. Germany and France agreed only for bilateral talks.

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Meanwhile, US President Barak Obama, speaking to UK Prime Minister Theresa May, clearly states that his country continues to support Ukraine:

Barak Obama, US President: "We are NATO allies and we see this world identically. We will continue to withstand Russian aggression in Ukraine."

Theresa May remains on a milder position.

Theresa May, UK Prime Minister: "Some difficult and serious aspects raise concerns and need to be discussed. We hope for honest relations and open dialogue." 

It looks like Russia's bilateral talks with European countries and the US cannot go on without discussing the Ukrainian question. We will see in the near future what the consequences will be on these talks, if any.

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