: Ukraine Finance Minister says willing to form 'technocratic Cabinet'

10:28 Mar. 23, 2016

Ukraine Finance Minister says willing to form 'technocratic Cabinet'

Ukraine’s Finance Minister Natalie Jaresko (UNIAN Photo)

President Petro Poroshenko considering Jaresko as PM, spokesman

Ukraine's Finance Minister Natalie Jaresko declared readiness to form a new, technocratic government of Ukraine, capable of operating in the interests of the state, according to a posting on her Facebook profile.

"In Ukraine, there came a time when there is a need to ‘de-politicize' the economic processes, to concentrate and unite the best talents and resources to meet the unprecedented challenges facing the country. To do this, the Ukrainian government should focus on the key issues – restoration of citizens' confidence and growth of the Ukrainian economy," Jaresko wrote.

According to the finance minister, not just two steps must be taken, but a big leap, in order to restore confidence.

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"Only a technocratic government can cope with this task in such a political situation, that is a team of "nobody's" people who have no political past, who are not subordinate to any of the oligarchs or friends of politicians, who have no political ambitions in the future. I'm ready to set up a team which would be able as early as today to work in the interests of the whole country, all the citizens, and not of some political business groups," said the Finance Minister.

Reporting by UNIAN

Бувають часи, коли потрібна велика політика, щоб всією країною обговорювати фунаментальні питання її політичного майбутн...

Опубликовано Наталія Енн Яресько / Natalie Ann Jaresko 22 марта 2016 г.


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