: Ukraine gains strong NATO support at the summit in Warsaw
Politics18:30 Jul. 11, 2016

Ukraine gains strong NATO support at the summit in Warsaw

Alliance to deploy 4,000 soldiers to defend its eastern border from Russian aggression

Ukrainians may be considered the winners in the global confrontation with Russia. This is according to the results of the recent NATO summit in Warsaw.

18 presidents, 21 Prime Ministers, 41 Foreign Ministers, and 39 Defence Ministers of NATO member states and partners unanimously agreed a full-fledged comprehensive assistance package aimed at making Ukraine's defence and security institutions more effective, efficient and accountable.

Along with it the Alliance's leaders claim not to recognize Crimea annexation, as well as insist Russia must withdraw its troops from Ukraine and return the Ukrainian-Russian border under full Ukraine's control.

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World leaders participating in the global NATO summit unanimously alleged Russia must be stopped. After two years of bloody war in eastern Ukraine that has already taken 10,000 lives, it is obvious Kremlin with its imperialistic ambitions cannot be a diplomatic partner. For the first time since the end of the Cold War NATO announces the deployment of armed troops in order to defend its member states from potential aggression.

Jens Stoltenberg, NATO Secretary General: "We will strengthen our presence in Poland and the Baltic states. No doubt our deeds are encouraged by what Russia is currently doing in Ukraine."

U.S. soldiers are set to be based in Poland close to Kaliningrad region - this is why the militants are supposed to start learning Polish. Lithuania will welcome German armed forces whereas Latvia and Estonia prepare to meet Canadian and British soldiers respectively. Apart from the settled 4,000 number Europe is alleged to welcome more U.S. armed forces.

Barack Obama, US President: "We intend to strengthen the armed forces in order to guard the collective security. It is the largest NATO deployment since the Cold War."

According to U.S. president Barack Obama, the Pentagon will send 5,000 soldiers more, this is beyond the NATO agreement. Canadian frigate will be responsible for the security at sea, meanwhile 6 plane fighters will guard the sky. In two years the whole continent will be covered by an anti-missile shield spreading from Poland to Romania. Numerous leaders say it is a crucial decision. In case Kremlin attacks any neighbouring country, that will mean Russian aggression against every NATO member state.

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Donald Tusk, European Council President: "European Union and NATO closely work together, though our headquarters are situated in different places. We need each other and we will help each other, that is settled."

The Alliance's summit in Warsaw has become a key point for the new period in Ukraine's-NATO relations. From Monday, July 11th onwards, Ukraine changes its status to expanded NATO partner. Kyiv is now set to reform its defence sector according to the Alliance's rules and standards. The total transformation is to be met in 2020.

Petro Poroshenko, Ukraine's President: "This comprehensive assistance package is set to help Ukraine reform the defence sector and develop our armed forces. We have successfully implemented all the tasks issued before the summit."

NATO has urged Russia to withdraw its occupant forces from Crimean peninsula stressing it is a rude violation of the Minsk agreement. From Monday, July 11th onwards, Ukraine and the G5 member states, that is the USA, France, Germany, Italy, and Great Britain, will elaborate a road map to ensure security in eastern Ukraine.

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Russian media in turn are desperately trying to persuade its citizens that NATO is preparing to attack Russia. Nevertheless, it was president Vladimir Putin who made a phone call to Barack Obama, though usually Kremlin claims the White House to make contacts.

Whether Russia understood the NATO's message clearly, the member states are set to know on the meeting of Russian-NATO council. Putin is said to have insisted on such a meeting before the start of the summit, in order to presumably influence the outcomes. Now the only option Russia faces is to accept the results and put up with them. 

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