Russian plot: Ukraine helped prevent a pro-Russian coup in Montenegro?

16:23 Nov. 29, 2016

Ukraine helped prevent a pro-Russian coup in Montenegro?

Montenegrin police arrest suspect in failed coup attempt (Photo by Montenegro Police)

Russian journo says Ukrainian SBU warned Montenegrin authorities about Russian agents

The correspondent of Russian liberal media ‘Meduza' Ilya Azar visited Montenegro to find out more about the coup with Russian trace, prevented by local special services. Citing his interlocutors among local politicians, Russian diplomats and emigrants, he revealed new details and comments on the incident, some of them directly connected to Ukraine.

One of the correspondent's sources among Russian emigrants mentioned rumors spreading in Montenegro, that the first signal of the impending coup came from the Security Service of Ukraine. SBU allegedly warned local authorities that Serbs, who fought in Donbas along with Russian proxies and engaged in recruiting of mercenaries and volunteers, are now doing the same job in Montenegro. Apparently, one of them was Aleksandar Sinđelić, who took part in Russian invasion to Ukrainian Crimea. The detention of Sinđelić in Montenegro was announced on November 18.

Ukraine Today have already addressed the Security Service of Ukraine asking for its comment or details of the incident, and still expecting an answer. At the moment the SBU spokesperson Olena Hitlyanska has not confirmed nor denied the Ukrainian part in preventing the plot.  

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The source explained, that ‘professional' organisation of the seizure of power in Montenegro, as it was in Crimea, is impossible. "This territory is not so close to Russia, you can't just send ‘little green men' here and falsify referendum. Local society is very divided, and if some gunmen disguised in police uniforms opened fire on opposition, it would start a civil war. There are arsenals in every home here, so they (Russian agents – UT) were working very carefully, hiding their operations by other activities," interlocutor explained.

Russian emigrants were not surprised with Russia's taking part in the coup, nor with its failure.

"It has become normal for the Russian secret service to send murderers and terrorists abroad for political purposes. There are no other entities seriously interested in destabilising Montenegro, which is joining NATO, except Russia… And we should not think that these things are necessarily carried by super agents under deep cover. It suffices to find and listen to Glazyev's (Putin's advisor on Ukraine in 2014 – UT) instructions given to "pro-Russian agents" during attempts to lift mutinies in Ukraine," Vladimir Basmanov, ex-activist who fled Russia to avoid persecution, explained.

"We should not exaggerate the possibilities of Russia. They overstepped Ukraine – why do you think that they wouldn't do the same in Montenegro? It's small, you step on it – you will not notice," emigrant society official Sergey Sychov said. 


As reported, at the beginning of November the information was shared that Serbia deported Russians suspected of Montenegro October plot, and Moscow apologized for their deeds. Later Kremlin denied apologies for Montenegro coup, but new information and names pointed on revealed Russian traces and possible conspiracy.

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