Ilovaysk anniuversary: Ukraine marks second anniversary of Ilovaysk tragedy (video)
Crime19:40 Aug. 29, 2016

Ukraine marks second anniversary of Ilovaysk tragedy (video)

97 soldiers reported to survive, precise number of victims still unknown 

Two years after the Ilovaysk tragedy, Ukraine remembers its victims and heroes. Numerous survivors of the deadly battle of August 29th and the relatives of the victims came to Mykhaylivska square in Kyiv.

Dozens of white air balloons flew in the air in memory of those killed in the battle.

In August 2014, Ukrainian defence lines on the border were forced to move westwards, as Russian-backed separatists continued the artillery raids and rocket bombardments. Ukrainian army was surrounded by the militants, supported by Russian career officers.

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On August 29th, Kremlin authorities supposedly ordered Russian-backed separatists to let the trapped Ukrainian soldiers through the so-called humanitarian corridor in order to leave Ilovaysk. As the troops marched 10 km, both Russian and insurgent forces surrounded Ukrainian army and started shellings.

According to Ukraine's Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, 97 soldiers managed to escape from the trap. The precise number of the victims is still unknown.

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