: Ukraine may start manufacturing lethal arms

15:19 Jul. 5, 2016

Ukraine may start manufacturing lethal arms

Ukraine's Ambassador to Ukraine Valeriy Chalyi

Ukraine's Ambassador to US on possible ways of obtaining weapons

Ukraine is ready to deepen cooperation with the US in the military-industrial sector to jointly produce lethal weapons. This is according to Ukraine's Ambassador to US Valeriy Chaly.

Chaly says, this decision will help Kyiv compensate Western countries' unwillingness to supply lethal arms to Ukraine, as well as acquire a strategic edge in a long-term prospects.

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‘We are negotiating on enhancing cooperation with US in total production of weapons and in general activities in the sector. This is of high importance, this is a strategic direction,' Chaly said in the interview with the Ukrainian TV ‘5 channel".

Ukrainian authorities have changed their attitude towards arms supply after considering American allies' reaction.

‘The official position of the White House now is as follows – they do not talk about lethal weapons. Frankly speaking, we have also changed our approach. Because we can manufacture lethal arms in Ukraine,' the diplomat said.

Ukraine's Ambassador to US also says that arms delivery from the Western countries could be a powerful symbolic gesture, and is more political than practical step.

Ukraine is badly in need of modern defensive devices including unmanned aerial vehicles, secured means of communication, radar systems, electronic warfare, etc.

As reported previously, on July 2, the US handed over to Ukraine four counter-battery radar systems AN / TPQ-36 and ten AN / TPQ-49 systems. The delivery ceremony took place in Kyiv Boryspil airport, with participation of Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko and US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt. The Ukrainian party raised the issue on lethal arms many times before.

In March, Petro Poroshenko urged the Western countries to reconsider the arms shipment to Ukraine as an investment in international security and stability.

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In the meantime, the US doesn't supply lethal arm to Ukraine. Although, if Minsk Agreements fail, the Ukrainian party will ask the lethal weapon aid from the Western countries.

In the previous interviews, Valeriy Chaly stated that Ukraine receives weapons from at least ten European countries.


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