: Ukraine receives 14 radar systems from US (photos)

17:30 Jul. 3, 2016

Ukraine receives 14 radar systems from US (photos)

Ukraine receives 14 radar systems from US (UNIAN photo)

Equipment will be transported to Ukrainian soldiers fighting on the frontline 

On July 2, the Ukrainian army received 14 US-made counter-battery radar systems - AN/TPQ-49 (10 items) and AN/TPQ-36 (four items). 

The handing over ceremony took place at the international airport Boryspil (Kyiv's suburban area) featuring Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko and US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey R. Pyatt.

The Ukrainian President said that "we get a new military aid package from the US partners". 

"This is the latest country-battery station, which sounds already familiar to the Ukrainian army", Poroshenko writes on Twitter. Counter-battery stations really help Ukrainian troops to defend their homeland, the President added. 

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According to him, the systems were given to Ukraine free of charge and will be sent to the warzone in the Donbas region.

"What happens today is an additional step towards strengthening cooperation with our American partners in order to improve Ukraine's defence capacities. This step is only a small portion of the military-technical assistance the US government gives to Ukraine this year", said Poroshenko.

According to the President, for this purpose the US officials already allocated USD 335 million, whereas the US Congress continues considering the draft law on allocating additional USD 500 million for Ukraine.

"I am convinced that an investment in Ukraine's security and defence is an additional investment in European security and European defence. Because here we are defending not only the territorial integrity and independence of our country, here we are defending freedom and democracy throughout the European continent," said Poroshenko.

This is not the first time the US provides Ukraine with radar systems

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