Restoration of Donbas: Ukraine reconstructs strategical bridges wrecked by Donbas militants
Politics16:55 Nov. 10, 2016

Ukraine reconstructs strategical bridges wrecked by Donbas militants

Repair operations are held 24/7, come rain or shine

Ukrainian restoration hardware is currently operative in the cities where a range of strategically essential bridges were left in ruins. Militants while retreating from those cities in 2014 blew up major channels of the transport connection. And now Ukrainians from different parts of the country are eliminating ill-fated legacy from the separatists.

"Our brigade is from all over Ukraine. I'm from Cherkasy region, there are people from Mariupol. And we never have arguments, we are all Ukrainians"

For Sviatoslav, this is the first acquaintance with the war. However, he's not afraid to work here.

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UAH 37 million (around USD 1,5 million) have been allocated for this bridge. Workers haven't been able to deconstruct it for a long time because of an live shell. Now, it's being built from scratch.

Another one in the village of Zakitne - the longest in Donetsk region - needed UAH 40 million (around USD 1,5 million) to be restored. It was blown up from one side when Russian-backed militants were fleeing to Horlivka. Right now, it's being not only restored but also widened.

"It's good news for us, we can use this bridge when going fishing, less detouring"

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Pavlo Zhebrivskyi, head of Donetsk regional administration: The bridge in Siversk must be done till the new year.

There are 7 ruined bridges left in Donetsk region. However, they are right at the front so workmen cannot examine them and calculate a budget.

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