News from ATO: Ukraine reports one killed soldier and two wounded in past 24 hours
Politics18:40 Aug. 26, 2016

Ukraine reports one killed soldier and two wounded in past 24 hours

Russian-occupied authorities reportedly organize mass provocations in the city of Donetsk

One Ukrainian soldier killed, one more was wounded near the village of Maryinka in Donetsk region.

According to military headquarters, Russian-backed separatist forces attack the positions of Ukrainian army 48 times during the night. The hottest point was Avdiyivka to the west of Donetsk (the militant-held city).

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Terrorists shelled the town three times using self-propelled guns. During the last 24 hours, Russian-backed separatists are reported to have shelled 170 missiles, including those of 152 mm calibre.

Meanwhile, in the occupied city of Donetsk Russian-backed authorities prepare new provocations. Terrorists are said to spread leaflets about Ukrainian army offensive. According to the analysts from NGO "Informatsiynyi sprotyv" ("Information resistance"), the propagandist messages are spread mainly by the workers of communal services.

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