: Ukraine's Foreign Ministry slams ‘Another Crimea' photo project as Russian propaganda campaign

19:13 Mar. 21, 2016

Ukraine's Foreign Ministry slams ‘Another Crimea' photo project as Russian propaganda campaign

People gather at the beach area of the Black Sea, near to the area that was the ancient Greek colony of Chersonesus, and with the St. Vladimir's Cathedral in the background, just outside Sevastopol, Aug. 7, 2015 (AP photo)

Ministry accuses photographers of biased coverage of Crimean events and violations of border regulations

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has condemned the ‘Another Crimea' photo project, which is dedicated to the second anniversary of Russia's annexation of the Crimean peninsula.

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According to the ‘Another Crimea' project's description, the participants aim to "rediscover the peninsula and the life of people beyond ideological barriers".

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The Ministry of the Foreign Affairs of Ukraine published a statement blaming the exhibition organizers of biased coverage of everyday life in Crimea.

Коментар МЗС України щодо фотопроекту "Another Crimea" Міністерство закордонних справ України завжди з радістю сприйм...

Posted by Культурна дипломатія України від МЗС / Ukraine's Cultural Diplomacy by MFA on Monday, 21 March 2016

"To begin with, the photographers violated travel rules prescribed for foreigners when crossing the territory of the temporarily occupied Crimea and Sevastopol. Foreign journalists can legally get to the peninsula through the Ukrainian checkpoint, after receiving permission from the Ukrainian authorities. Unfortunately, the photographers of Another Crimea project have chosen the other way," the statement says.

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"The idyllic image of Crimean life represented in the photos and videos of ‘Another Crimea' has little to do with objective and impartial coverage, as it more resembles a propaganda product."

"If the authors wished to depict the situation in Crimea in an impartial and apolitical way, then, apart from showing picturesque landscapes and smiling people, it would be necessary to photograph thousands of Crimean residents who were forced to leave their homes and move to the Ukrainian mainland. It would be necessary to show the parents of the young boys that were jailed by the occupational regime only for their political beliefs; to show the entrepreneurs, whose businesses were taken away; to depict those repressed Crimean Tatars, whose basic civil and ethnic rights are grossly violated by the occupiers," the Ministry stressed.

Ukrainian diplomats say while the international community was calling on Russia to put an end to human rights violations in Crimea, that side of the peninsula's daily life went unnoticed by the organizers of ‘Another Crimea'.



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