: Ukraine's Nadiya Savchenko arrives in Russian court for verdict
Politics09:33 Mar. 21, 2016

Ukraine's Nadiya Savchenko arrives in Russian court for verdict

Prosecutors demand the military pilot and MP serve up to 23 years in jail 

Within hours, the fate of Nadiya Savchenko will be known. The Ukrainian military pilot faces 23 years jail time. Prosecutors accuse her of being involved in the deaths of two Russian journalists in 2014. Her lawyers say she's innocent - something she's already proved. However, llya Novikov, one of her representatives, says her fate has already been sealed - and not by the court.

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Ilya Novikov, lawyer for Savchenko: "One should separate a verdict and a final decision. Because the verdict is given by the court and the final decision is made in the Kremlin. We do not expect anything special from the verdict. The prosecutor's office has asked for 23 years of imprisonment for Savchenko. And she would likely get 20 (years) or so. And this is a rare case when it is not important. Because what (would change) if they gave her a 15, 10 or even five-year prison term?"

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But despite doubts of a fair verdict, Mr. Novikov appeared to be confident Savchenko would eventually be released through diplomatic means.

Ilya Novikov, lawyer for Savchenko: "So we really hope that after getting the news from us about the level of support she gets now, in these minutes, during this last week from the international community - she can abandon her intention to continue her hunger strike and can securely wait till the moment we get her out."

It's this sort of international support that Nadiya Savchenko is relying on to eventually return home to Ukraine.

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