: Ukraine's new Supreme Court to be shaped by end of 2016

16:10 Jun. 28, 2016

Ukraine's new Supreme Court to be shaped by end of 2016

Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko (UNIAN Photo)

Poroshenko signed the law on amendments to the Constitution regarding the judiciary on June 28

By the end of 2016, Ukraine's new Supreme Court will have been set up on a competitive basis.

This was announced by Ukraine's President Poroshenko on June 28, during the Parliament session on the occasion of the Constitution Day.

"This judicial reform is an integral reform, it is a vital reform, which is a prerequisite and key to all other reforms", said Poroshenko. "What is the core issue of the judicial reform? First of all, it seeks to purge and radically renew the judiciary. Second, it aims to set up strict control (including the public control as well) over honesty, over revenue and expenditure of judges.

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Third, it is about cancelling unlimited immunity of judges. Fourth, it is after the independent judiciary with no political influences", Poroshenko added he "voluntarily gave up certain presidential powers for a successful judicial reform.

The judicial system won't change in a day. The reform implementation will take several years, but as a result of hard work all Ukrainians will get a new court system: more honest, more independent, and juster," Poroshenko said. 

"By the end of this year, Ukraine's new Supreme Court will be shaped on a competitive basis. Even lawyers outside the judicial system can take part in the competition. And I urge them to get actively involved in implementing the reform," the President added.

Earlier UNIAN news agency reported that Poroshenko signed the law on amendments to the Constitution regarding the judiciary. The law will be published tomorrow, June 29. 

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