: Ukraine adopts law protecting rights of volunteer soldiers, simplifies DNA procedure
Politics16:51 Jul. 13, 2016

Ukraine adopts law protecting rights of volunteer soldiers, simplifies DNA procedure

Parliament votes for allowing soldiers to terminate open-ended contracts

Ukraine will create a general DNA database in order to identify the remains of the soldiers killed in the warzone. The corresponding law has been recently adopted by the Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine's parliament. The deputies say this should help relatives of the killed servicemen deal with the official documents while applying for the state help due the loss of the breadwinners.

Another law passed was the one about limitation of period of serving in the army for the volunteer soldiers. Previously, those having signed the contract with Ukraine's armed forces and gone to the frontline on their own will, were not entitled to leave the warzone, since the war continues. Ukrainian MPs recognized this as discrimination. According to the newly adopted law, those having served more than 18 months have the right to leave the armed forces and go home.

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Last but not least to mention is the right to prolong the contract automatically in case of war. From now on the soldiers serving by contract may be forced to remain on duty no longer than 1 year over the period stated in the contract.

Alyona Shkrum, "Bat'kivschyna" Faction: "Over 20, 000 soldiers left for ATO zone as volunteers, having been warned it is until the end of the so called special period, or the end of Anti-Terrorist Operation. I call you all to entitle the aforementioned servicemen to have their contracts denounced with further leaving for home." 


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