Who is stronger?: Ukraine's Verkhovna Rada seems to be a boxing arena for deputies
Politics18:10 Nov. 14, 2016

Ukraine's Verkhovna Rada seems to be a boxing arena for deputies

The Yanukovych ex-partner double hit the Radical party leader today in the parliament

Ukraine's MPs are fighting again. The leader of the Opposition Bloc faction Yurii Boiko punched a leader of the Radical party faction Oleh Liashko.

The incident happened at the conciliation meeting of the factions' heads in Ukraine's parliament, Verkhovna Rada. Oleh Liashko during his speech said Boiko goes to Moscow "for instructions". After these words, the Opposition Bloc leader who was sitting next to him stood up and hit Liashko right into his face. They were quickly stopped. However, a minute later when Liashko continued his speech naming Boiko "a leftover" from Yanukovych, the Opposition Bloc leader stood up and punched him again.

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Yurii Boiko later explained to journalists that he will do the same any time Liashko offends him because he considers Liashko's statements irrelevant. And added that Liashko has never done business while registering 2 million dollars in his e-declaration.

Oleh Liashko, Radical Party faction leader: I have a question to Ukraine's secret service SBU: why do Liovochkin and Boiko constantly travel to Moscow and aren't in prison yet?

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