Euromaidan case: Ousted ex-president Yanukovych's interrogation failed
Politics10:28 Nov. 25, 2016

Ousted ex-president Yanukovych's interrogation failed

Viktor Yanukovych to answer questions of Ukrainian prosecutors through Skype

The former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, who fled to Russia during the events of the Maidan Revolution back in 2014, will be interviewed today about the murders of the Euromaidan activists.

That's it for today! We are closing this live newswire on Yanukovych interrogation. 

Ending summary:

  • Ukraine's ousted ex-president Victor Yanukovych did arrive at the Rostov regional court in Russia as a witness for the Ukrainian Sviatoshyn court of Kyiv on the case of the five former Berkut officers accused of mass murders during the Euromaidan events in 2014
  • The accused were blocked inside Lukianivska jail by the nationalist activists, so they couldn't be conveyed to the court.
  • With acceptance from both Kyiv and Rostov court, a new interrogation hearing was postponed till November 28, 13.00 EET.
  • Victor Yanukovych, who bears 'witness status' in the criminal case, has confirmed his readiness to be interrogated via online video conference by the Kyiv court again on November 28.


14.10 The accused former Berkut officers can be interrogated from within the jail, lawyers say.

The defendants haven't been prepared to be conveyed to the courthouse in Kyiv, since they cannot be present at the hearing, their advocates claim during the briefing. They also accuse the Lukianovska jail officials of sabotaging Yanukovych interrogation. 

14.02 The court hearing has now been announced finished

The today's Victor Yanukovych interrogation has failed because of the absence of the accused Bercut ex-officers. 

13.57 The Ukraine court postpones the next hearing to 13.00, November 28.

After coordination with Rostov court, a new video conference interrogation has been planned on November 28.  Both Russian and Ukrainian judicial institutions have no complaints upon each other. Victor Yanukovych confirms his availability for the mentioned date. 

13.54 The Right Sector explained the reason why it is blocking Lukianovska jail

The accused former Bercut officers may be released by the law enforcers immediately after participation the interrogation, the Right Sector nationalistic organisation officials say.

13.50 Ukrainian journalists are prevented from entering Rostov court

Ukrainian media are being impeded to be present at Rostov court, where Victor Yanukovych and his lawyers await for resuming a Rostov-Kyiv court video conference, UNIAN reports. 

13.33 The law officers in Kyiv started brawling over reasons of absence of the accused

Ukrainians court official blame each other for unavailability of the five accused ex-Bercut servants. 

13.23. The court announced a 20-minute pause

The Russian and Ukrainian side discuss holding a new hearing and interrogation on November 28 or December 2 due to the absence of the accused

13.20 Dozens of people are blocking the convoy from Lukianivska jail

The accused former Berkut officers are prevented from being transported to court, the UNIAN reports. 

13.16 Rostov lawyers propose to postpone the current hearing until November 25

Both sides discuss on what to do due in the absence of the accused.

13.13 Russian Rostov regional court confirms its readiness to participate in interrogation via video conference

Victor Yanukovych is shown to be present at court hearing in Rostov

13.10 Advocates ask for delay in court hearing

The accused former Berkut officers are absent at the court hearings, and their advocates ask for an hour long delay.

13.05 112 news outlet starts live broadcasting

 13.00 Yanukovych's motorcade arrived at Rostov court

The ousted Ukraine's former president Victor Yanukovych has arrived at court in Rostov, Russia, to be interrogated by Ukrainian law officers via video conference.

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Yanukovych is expected to be interviewed as a witness, although many in Ukraine believe he had given the order for police to open fire, which eventually resulted in deaths of protesters, known nowadays in Ukraine as the Heavenly Hundred, and 18 law enforcers.

The ousted President will be sitting in a court in Russia's Rostov and answering the questions, asked from a Kyiv court via Skype.

‘He is in a good mood. It's a good opportunity for him to tell position to the people, the court and help the prosecutors uncover the truth', Yanukovych's lawyer said in an interview with a Ukrainian media agency ahead of the questioning.

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At the same time, Ukraine's Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko was pessimistic about the video questioning, saying it might not help the investigation.

‘It would be most effective (to hold the interview in person – UT). Welcome to Ukraine, come, Viktor Fedorovych, law and justice awaits you', Lutsenko said.  

The interview takes place as five former officers of Ukraine's now dissolved riot police Berkut are under criminal investigation for their reported involvement in the bloody clashes between the law enforcers and the Euromaidan activists.

After his questioning, Viktor Yanukovych is also expected to hold a press conference in Russia, which will be his first since 2014. 

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