News from eastern Ukraine: Ukrainian journalists under fire near town of Maryinka (video)
Politics19:28 Aug. 29, 2016

Ukrainian journalists under fire near town of Maryinka (video)

Russian-backed separatist forces attack Ukrainian army with heavy weapon, journalists evacuated

Russian-backed separatist forces continue shelling the positions of Ukrainian soldiers. The hottest point reported is Avdiyivka industrial zone. There the militants attack Ukrainian army using tanks and anti-aircraft guns. Banned heavy artillery and mortars are also used in Mariupol direction.

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Russian proxies start attacking late in the evening. The journalists arrived at the site at about 6 pm when the militants are usually having some rest. The soldiers take the unique chance and organise an excursion around the frontline.

"Macho", fighter of battalion "Donbas-Ukraine": This house was burnt two days ago after being shot by a rocket-propelled grenade. Another one was destroyed by an enemy's mortar mine. 

In a while, Russian-backed snipers start working. The enemy shoots from three sides simultaneously. Usually, the militants attack from approximately 600 metres. Ukrainian soldiers say sometimes the enemies dare to come closer than 100 metres.

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The soldiers from battalion "Donbas-Ukraine" respond quickly shelling the enemy with a portion of lead. However, Russian-backed separatists are too active to get frightened by shooting arms.

"Kharkiv", fighter of battalion "Donbas-Ukraine": They are celebrating the Miner's day. Russian miners come from Russia to destroy Ukrainian mines and kill Ukrainian citizens.

The fighters from battalion "Donbas-Ukraine" are merely from this region. For instance, the soldier nicknamed "Macho" used to live in the city of Bakhmut to the north of Donetsk. He insists these fights are not only for Ukrainian sovereignty but for his local homeland as well.

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Meanwhile, Russian-backed separatists continue advancing on the village of Maryinka. When Ukrainian soldiers shoot in response, the militants step back.

In view of unexpected danger, the journalists are evacuated from the hot point. An armed car driving on high speed has taken the media workers away to a safe place.

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