Massive information leak: Ukrainian media connected to Russian-backed separatists must be punished - MPs
Politics20:02 Aug. 11, 2016

Ukrainian media connected to Russian-backed separatists must be punished - MPs

Lawyers claim there is no legal background for taking any measures against journalists

Ukrainian deputies of Verkhovna Rada demand punishment of Ukrainian TV channels, caught collaborating with Russian-backed separatists.

Last week numerous Ukrainian journalists were announced suspected in cooperating with the so-called secret service of the occupied territories. Nearly 9,000 files were published online. The files revealed that media workers secretly asked for check and approval of the news from ATO zone. Tetyana Yegorova, the so-called minister of state security of the self-proclaimed DNR is said to have coordinated the process.

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Ukraine's National Council of Television and Radio Broadcasting knows about the mailing leak. However, the existing media laws do not entitle them to act.

Yuriy Artemenko, Head of Ukraine's National Council of TV and Radio Broadcasting: 
It is currently impossible to punish anyone for mail exchange with the leaders of the self-proclaimed People's Republics of Donetsk and Luhansk. If we had interfered in the process, that would have been considered as meddling in one's editorial policy. I guess numerous European institutions would have accused us of violating freedom of speech.

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The only institution to solve the situation is Ukraine's Security Service. Its officials claim to be currently revising the information. Meanwhile, Victoria Siumar, the head of the Committee on Freedom of Speech and Information Policy, assures the issue is to be discussed at the nearest parliament session.

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