: Ukrainian opera singer shot dead by militant sniper in Donbas (updated)
Crime12:10 Jun. 29, 2016

Ukrainian opera singer shot dead by militant sniper in Donbas (updated)

Vasyl Slipak quit French opera theatre two years ago to fight for Ukraine as a volunteer 

Ukrainian opera singer Vasyl Slipak was killed in the warzone in eastern Ukraine on early June 29, Ukrainian journalist Yury Butusov wrote on Facebook.

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Yury Butusov wrote: "Vasyl Slipak, a well-known opera singer, one of the world's best baritones, lived and worked in France for 19 years, where he was a soloist of the Paris Opera House. When Russia started its aggressive actions against Ukraine (two yeats ago) he quit his European career and returned to Ukraine (as a volunteer soldier) to defend his homeland. He died in the ranks of the Right Sector* at the frontline in the Donetsk region. His nom de guerre was Myth - a shortened version from Mephistopheles (a character from the Faust opera). He was not a professional soldier, he was a singer..."

One of volunteers, who were fighting alongside Slipak, said the opera singer was shot dead by a sniper using a full-bore rifle near the village of Luhanske at about 6 am.

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"It was a (militant) attack launched from Debaltseve. First, militants launched artillery attacks on Ukrainian soldiers, then they used tanks and infantry. Slipak had only a Kalashnikov gun. The sniper also shot and injured another two soldiers," said the military. He said that Slipak went to the frontline ten days ago.

In the meantime Ukrainian military officials are checking this information. No official confirmation was made so far.

*Right Sector is the nationalist group that started off defending protesters from police violence during the EuroMaidan Revolution and morphed into a political party and paramilitary group. 

Slipak performs Mephistopheles aria 

  His Toreador aria earned him The Best Male Performance prize at the international festival of opera singers in the Harmel


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