News from Ukraine: Ukraine paratroopers to take part in 2016 Flaming Thunder drills in Lithuania

19:25 Jul. 31, 2016

Ukraine paratroopers to take part in 2016 Flaming Thunder drills in Lithuania

Ukrainian paratroopers (UNIAN Photo)

All troops, without exception, were fighting on the frontline in the Donbas region

On August 1-12, Lithuania will hold tactical military exercises Flaming Thunder 2016 featuring also Ukraine's Armed Forces represented by the 80th Assault Air-Bourne Brigade.

This was reported by Ukrainian news outlet UNIAN, referring to the press centre of Ukraine's Defence Ministry.

The artillery drills will take place at the Lithuanian Army training centre, near the town of Pabrade.

The multinational drills aim to upgrade personnel practical skills in fulfilling joint tasks as well as enhance interoperability between military of various countries.

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Ukrainian paratroopers will be able to share their experiences with military forces from the US, Germany, Belgium, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, in terms of preparing troops and training unit commanders, Ukraine's Defence Ministry said.

"Within two weeks, during these manoeuvres our (Ukrainian) gunners can share practical experiences with their counterparts from other countries", the commander of the brigade artillery group Colonel Danylo Davydenko said. -The large-scale military exercises involve more than 1,100 soldiers. And most importantly, these drills focus on practicing artillery skills. Until now, we (Ukraine) did not participate in the international events like this. "

On July 30, the mortar platoon and staff officers from the 80th Assault Air-Bourne Brigade went to Lithuania to take part in the command and staff exercises phase, Ukraine's Defence Ministry reports.

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According to Davydenko, Ukrainian soldiers and officers will be key troops in these drills since all of them, with no exception, fought in the warzone in eastern Ukraine.

The mortar division of Ukraine's Airborne Forces is going to Lithuania in full combat gear with standard equipment and weapons. Ukrainian paratroopers will use their standard vehicles to overcome a 800-kilometre-distance.

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Photo courtesy - Ukraine's Defence Ministry,

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