: Ukrainian parliament dismisses Prosecutor General
Politics11:41 Mar. 30, 2016

Ukrainian parliament dismisses Prosecutor General

MPs discuss possible candidate to become next Prosecutor General

The Ukrainian Parliament is expected to have a busy session this week – the MPs have to address a number of vital questions to end the political crisis in the country.

And they started off by finally approving the resignation of Prosecutor General. 

Following months of criticism for not being able or not willing to fight the corruption in the country, as well as in his very own agency, the Parliament of Ukraine has just approved the dismissal of general prosecutor of Ukraine Mr. Viktor Shokin with 289 votes.

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One of the most vocal critics of now former general prosecutor's policy and his reluctance to fight with corruption is happy with the vote:

Yehor Sobolyev, Ukrainian MP: "Mr. Shokin was a symbol of hiding corruption and supporting corruption. Especially high-rank corruption in Ukraine. The real name of general prosecutor is Petro Poroshenko. He was running Mr. Shokin."

However now President Poroshenko is trying to distance himself from Viktor Shokin and the dismissal of the latter comes exactly one day before President Poroshenko's trip to the United States.

It were the U.S. senior officials who accused Shokin directly in sabotaging the corruption fight. But some of the MPs don't see any connection:

Ostap Semerak, Ukrainian MP: "That's not comfortable for me, but I will not connect all this to the events, I mean – president's visit to the U.S. and today's resignation."

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Now that the general prosecutor has been dismissed the question is who will step into his shoes.

Ostap Semerak, Ukrainian MP: "This question was discussed with president and leaders of factions, still we do not have the name, but I guess that it should be the name of somebody new – not from today's general prosecutor office."

But Sobolyev has already a candidate in mind.  

Yehor Sobolyev, Ukrainian MP: "I know such persons, for example, David Sakvarelidze. I think he's a good candidate fort such position."

Sakvarelidze was indeed considered one of the few in the general prosecutor's office, who was really fighting with corrupt officials. Was fighting – until General Prosecutor fired him – just two hours before his own resignation was approved by the Parliament.

This is Volodymyr Solohub and Ivan Pavlovych reporting from Kyiv for Ukraine Today.

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