: Ukrainian parliament's decision paves way to judicial reform
Politics17:10 Jun. 2, 2016

Ukrainian parliament's decision paves way to judicial reform

The law on judiciary and constitutional amendments in part of justice received a majority vote 

The draft law on the judicial system and status of judges was voted by 281 MPs on Thursday. The Ukrainian parliament's agenda also included the constitutional amendments on a judiciary, which gained 335 votes, a two thirds majority entitled to amend the Constitution.

As the deputy head of the presidential administration, Oleksii Filatov states the adopted law will make possible the implementation of the constitutional amendments concerning the judicial system of Ukraine. The changes to the Constitution are supposed to launch the process of "depoliticization and independence of the judiciary."

The law provides for the greater responsibility of judges, limits their immunity to the extent of their professional duties, abolishes high specialized courts, establishes a new Supreme Court, Anti-Corruption Supreme Court and High Court of Intellectual Property.

"Supreme Court judges will be recruited on a competitive basis, where acting judges, and lawyers, and scientists in the field of law can participate. The new Supreme Court will be granted with an appeal function and a function of sustainability and unity of judiciary. Thus judicial decisions should be clear and predictable for citizens," Filatov said.

The amendments to the Constitution also envisage the wider involvement of public defenders in a litigation.

"The functions of public prosecutors will be adjusted to European standards - maintaining public [previously in the Constitution as "state"] prosecution in a court, public defender's office will be enforced. For the first time the latter is legally equal with public prosecution," the deputy head of the presidential administration explained.

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The amendments to the Constitution guarantee everyone the right to file a constitutional complaint to the Constitutional Court, if he/she considers that the law applied to his/her case contradicts with the Constitution of Ukraine, Filatov further added.

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