: Ukrainian president issues warning against Russian propaganda
Politics18:09 Feb. 13, 2016

Ukrainian president issues warning against Russian propaganda

Poroshenko wants leaders to evaluate Russia's statements during security conference in Munich

Ukrainian President is in Munich this weekend as part of a security conference focusing on the migrant crisis as well as the war in Syria. However, Ukraine's leader says his country needs to be on the agenda as well.

While addressing reporters Petro Poroshenko underlined the importance of not giving into the Russian propaganda during the conference.

Petro Poroshenko, Ukraine's President: "Unfortunately Munich becomes an arena for Russian statements. We remember Putin's statement in the year 2007, today's statement of Medvedev, when he said about the cold war, about the so-called civil war in Ukraine and I make a very strong answer. Mr Putin, Mr Lavrov, Mr Medvedev, this is your aggression in Ukraine and we do not give you any tiny opportunity to provide here propaganda, Kremlin style propaganda, to poison the opinion of European people."

During his visit to Munich Poroshenko met with US Secretary of State John Kerry. The two leaders addressed Russia's continued aggression in Ukraine.

Ukrainian President also met with the head of the European Parliament Martin Schulz who reiterated the importance of strong diplomatic relations.

Martin Schulz, European Parliament President: "We should use all our international contacts to improve our diplomatic possibilities to avoid confrontation and not to speak about a new cold war and therefore I make an appeal to all the relevant forces, especially on which is concerning Syria that a solution has to be found on the negotiation table with a constructive approach and not with mutual provocation."

The annual Munich Security Conference takes place every February. It aims to bring together about 450 senior decision-makers from across the globe.


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