Russian occupation: Ukrainian "saboteurs" detained for two months
Politics19:17 Nov. 11, 2016

Ukrainian "saboteurs" detained for two months

Russia accuses three Ukrainian scientists of plotting a terror act

At least two months in prison - this is the future for Ukrainians detained in Crimea. They are accused of terrorism and preparing subversive actions at military objects on the territory of the Autonomous republic of Crimea. Three men - Volodymyr Dudka, Oleksiy Besarabov, and Dmytro Shtiblikov - were arrested in Sevastopol on Tuesday.

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Russian FSB claims it found maps, schemes and a plate with a stamp of a Ukrainian army unit on it. Two of the detained men - are scientists, before the occupation, they worked as analysts at the analytical center Nomos. They did not support the occupation and had a pro-Ukrainian position.

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