: Ukrainians club together to build much needed village road to regional centre
Politics17:09 Apr. 3, 2016

Ukrainians club together to build much needed village road to regional centre

Vinnitsya region locals get down to work with bulldozers and hammers

Here in Ukraine's Vinnitsya region locals have decided to get to work building a much needed road. Unless you go by horse and cart, the current transport links to the regional centre require a major detour. This new path will cut journey times by more than half.

This resident says"We're trying to do it so that we have a normal link to the city – so we don't have to swim in the mud. It's difficult, my clothes are all wet."

In all there's a five kilometre stretch which needs paving. Half the work is already done. These farmers say their doing it for themselves, not the state.

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"I can't say it's a first class road or a third class road but a road it will be. We're not doing it for the state, we're doing it for ourselves. It not us, then who? We're doing it under our own steam."

Many of the needed materials and equipment was donated by local businesses and farmers. Local residents gave what money they could to help the project. Everyone is lending a hand – the men with the hammers – the women with lunch.

Vira says: "We've got potato dumplings in Ukrainian pots. We've brought juice, cucumbers, eggs, whatever we had."

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Officially, the road doesn't exist yet neither on maps nor on the local authorities' balance sheet. The head of the village says that's a step for further down the line.

He says, "For now we're doing it as field road. Later if it really will be a real road, we'll try to get it legalized."

Local officials say if the road is made official they'll be able to contribute money toward its upkeep. For now, residents are pushing ahead themselves. They hope the new link will be completed by May and offer an economic lifeline to their village.



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