: Ukraine's army 'most patriotic' in Europe - Poroshenko

16:12 May. 7, 2016

Ukraine's army 'most patriotic' in Europe - Poroshenko

Ukrainian servicemen take part in military parade (GettyImages Photo)

Ukrainian President praised soldiers who forced Russia to 'abandon its military tactics'

Ukraine learnt to defend its territories and created "one of the biggest and most patriotic armies" in Europe. The strength of Ukrainian armed forces made Russia realise "the futility" of military actions.

This statement was made by Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko, according to local media outlet UNN.

"Our army has made the enemy to switch tactics. Now they are attempting to divide Ukraine by financing and supporting the 'fifth column', which we won't allow," the President said.

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Poroshenko added, the occupied territories of Donbas "had always been and would always be a part of Ukraine." He also slammed the ideology Russia tried to impose in the post-soviet countries. Poroshenko stated Ukraine would never accept the so-called 'Russian world'.

"We honour our own heroes, we celebrate our holidays and historical events and we will never accept the Russian ideology of empire. We have the Ukrainian world, not the Russian one," the President underlined.

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Poroshenko's statement arrived as Ukraine was preparing to commemorate the Time of Remembrance and Reconciliation for Those Who Lost Their Lives during the Second World War. The event replaced the former Day of Victory over the Nazi Germany. Earlier Ukraine's President said the country would never celebrate the May 9 Victory day by the 'Russian scenario' again.

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