Putin's war in Syria: 'Unquestionably a war crime' – Boris Johnson on Putin's deeds

14:01 Oct. 1, 2016

'Unquestionably a war crime' – Boris Johnson on Putin's deeds

UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson (Photo by Boris Johnson / Facebook)

Vladimir Putin is slaughtering innocent civilians in Syria on purpose, Boris Johnson claims

Boris Johnson in his latest interview with ‘The Sun' has accused Russia of targeting civilian aid workers in Syria on purpose with "double tap" bombing raids to catch them out in the open. The Foreign Secretary said the government now has evidence that the Kremlin's own jets are behind the sick tactic – which he dubbed "unquestionably a war crime".

The charge that President Putin and his generals are cynically slaughtering innocent civilians on purpose is the strongest yet by any Western politician over its role in the bloody five year-long civil war, ‘The Sun' stresses.

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Revealing the atrocity, Boris Johnson said: "One thing I think is certainly a war crime is the double tap procedure that they do. They drop one bomb and then they wait for the aid workers to come out, civilian people pulling the injured from the rubble, and then five minutes later they drop another bomb. We have evidence. We have good ground to believe that the Russians themselves have been doing that. We are trying to document that fully because that is in my view unquestionably a war crime."

The besieged rebel-held corner of the Syrian city of Aleppo is now taking its worst aerial bombardment of the war. After the collapse of a ceasefire last week, Russian and Assad forces commenced a major offensive to crush the city once and for all.

Multiple air strikes this week alone have put the two largest hospitals in Aleppo out of service and killed more than 200 people. This was called 'war crimes', 'worse than slaughterhouse' by UN head Ban Ki-moon.  

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Boris Johnson revealed Britain and the US are looking at "a range of options" to turn up the pressure on Russia to halt its spiralling role in Syria's terrible violence.

The Foreign Secretary explained: "The world's attitude towards Russia has been hardening and I think people now believe that Russia is in danger of becoming a pariah nation". Earlier Boris Johnson came up with the statement, that Russia guilty of prolonging war in Syria.


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