Norway military plans: US troops will possibly be deployed in Norway - Defence Ministry

16:58 Oct. 10, 2016

US troops will possibly be deployed in Norway - Defence Ministry

CIS TG (Communication and Information Systems Task Group) during an exercise the fall of 2016. (Source: Annette Ask/Norwegian Armed Forces)

The deployment can be a part of a future rotation arrangement

The US-initiated move to station 300 US marines at the Royal Norwegian Air Force Vaernes Air Station could soon be implemented after being in the planning for some time, The Local news website reported.

The agreement is still at an early stage and had not been approved at the political level. The idea is the USA will place 300 troops at Vaernes military base near Trondheim, about 1,000 kilometres from the Russian-Norwegian border. 

"The work is underway but the initiative has not yet been debated politically in the Ministry of Defence, so we do not have any more detailed answers at this time. Any concrete proposals will naturally be handled by the government and parliament in the usual way," Norwegian Defense Minister Eriksen Soreide told Adresseavisen.

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