Islam Karimov died: Uzbek president Islam Karimov dies - Reuters (video)
Politics19:14 Sep. 2, 2016

Uzbek president Islam Karimov dies - Reuters (video)

Turkey Prime Minister Binali Yildirim to offer condolences over the death of Karimov  

Uzbekistan's president Islam Karimov died on Friday, September 2nd. Reuters news agency was the first to inform of his death referring to three unnamed diplomatic sources. The Uzbek government did not confirm the reports but played funeral music on state channels. Earlier it issued a statement saying the 78-year-old president's health had "sharply deteriorated".

Uzbek news websites said Karimov's funeral would take place on Saturday in his hometown of Samarkand, where his mother and two brothers are buried. Photos showed frantic preparations at the city's cemetery, with workers and diggers brought in to clear up the historic site.

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Islam Karimov was taken to hospital last week diagnosed with the brain haemorrhage. The rumours of his supposed death started appearing a couple of days ago. The media assumed there was no official report of Karimov passing away since Uzbek authorities were to celebrate the 25th anniversary of independence.

Islam Karimov has been in power for 26 years despite the constitutional ban to hold presidential rank no more than twice.

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