: Veneto Regional Council calls for recognizing Russia's annexation of Crimea

19:28 May. 18, 2016

Veneto Regional Council calls for recognizing Russia's annexation of Crimea

Italian region of Veneto calls on recognizing Crimea a Russian territory. (GettyImages)

Final resolution adopted to lift sanctions against Moscow

The Council of Veneto region in north-eastern Italy adopted a resolution on legally recognizing Russian annexation of Crimea and lifting sanctions against Moscow. The document was finally supported by 27 out of 51 region MPs, nine more deputies voted against the adoption.

"Both European Union and Italy violated the rights of the Crimean population to self-determination. Conducting double-standard policy, the E.U. ignores the will of the locals on the peninsula, as well as historical and cultural circumstances having led to inevitable choice to reunification," stated in the document.

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The text of the resolution was written and elaborated by Stefano Valdegamberi from 'Lega Nord' ('North League') nationalistic party.

Veneto's council now is about to urge the Italian government to abandon the overall E.U. policy on Crimea, instead proposing to recognize the results of the so called referendum in March 2014.

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Earlier this week Ukraine's Ambassador to Italy Yevhen Perelygin called the deputies of the Council of Veneto region to contribute in returning Crimean territory under Ukraine's control.

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