: Visitors of Ukrainian library in Moscow wanted by police

15:27 Apr. 12, 2016

Visitors of Ukrainian library in Moscow wanted by police

Director of Ukrainian Library in Moscow faces 10 years in prison for 'inciting extremism and ethnic hatred'. (Getty Images)

Russian investigators are looking for persons who rented books about Holodomor and Ukrainian history

Russian investigators have issued a wanted notice for visitors of the Ukrainian literature library in Moscow, who rented books about Ukraine and Holodomor. This is according to the Unian news agency.

The investigators demand from the Library workers to provide personal information of several persons. One of them rented a book called 'Ukraine or Death' 18 years ago.


Photo source: UNIAN

Police are also conducting a search in the building, inspecting every shelf here. Workers say they are threatened with dismissal.

Russia began prosecuting the staff of the Ukrainian library in Moscow in October 2015. Police detained the library's director Natalia Sharina after searching her house. "Anti-Russian" documents were allegedly found there, among them were the texts dedicated to Stalin's 1930's Holodomor Famine in Ukraine. Sharina is accused of inciting extremism and ethnic hatred as well as embezzlement. If found guilty, she faces 10 years in prison

Police also searched homes of several other Library workers.

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This investigation has been slammed by human rights groups. They called on the Russian authorities to immediately release Sharina. Russian human rights center Memorial acknowledged her a political prisoner.


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