: We have to resolve conflict in Ukraine - Obama

12:06 Apr. 23, 2016

We have to resolve conflict in Ukraine - Obama

U.S. President Barack Obama and U.K. PM David Cameron (GettyImages photo)

U.S. President Barack Obama and U.K. PM David Cameron on Ukrainian crisis and ISIL 

NATO has to support its allies suffering from the Russian aggression. The alliance has to meet its overseas commitment, from Afghanistan to the Aegean Sea. This is according to the U.S. President Barack Obama. He made this statement during his meeting with the U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron in London on April 22. The situation in Ukraine was one the topics discussed by the officials.

"We have to resolve the conflict in Ukraine and reassure allies who are rightly concerned about Russian aggression", said Obama during the joint press-conference.

Cameron, in turn, added Europe should take "a robust approach to Moscow's actions both in Europe and Syria". "We face new threats to our security from Russia in the east. We've delivered sanctions against the Kremlin in response to its aggression against Ukraine".

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Both leaders say the so-called Islamic State remains one the biggest threats to the world security. At the same time they insist the Syrian crisis cannot be solved through exclusive military means. The situation can only improve after the country's President Bashar al-Assad steps down.

"I have always been skeptical about Mr. Putin's actions and motives inside of Syria. He is — along with Iran — the preeminent backer of a murderous regime that I do not believe can regain legitimacy within his country because he's murdered a lot of people", said Obama.

Obama and Cameron also discussed the migrant crisis in the Middle East and North Africa. They say this challenge can only be tackled effectively through international cooperation.


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