E-declarations: When will Ukraine look into politicians' piles of cash?

11:02 Nov. 4, 2016

When will Ukraine look into politicians' piles of cash?

A demonstration, demanding e-declarations from the politicians (UNIAN Photo)

Ukrainians demand investigation of wealth of public servants, exposed in e-declaration

After various Ukrainian politicians registered huge piles of cash in their e-declarations, the outrage in the country has skyrocketed and people have started to demand that the officials explain where the wealth came from.

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The anti-corruption agencies have announced, they will conduct a complete check of the documents, but the first results will not appear straight away.

‘I expect it will start at the beginning of January 2017. This is the procedure, the law dictates', the deputy chief of the National agency on the corruption prevention Ruslan Radetskiy said in an interview with Ukrainian 1+1 Channel.

He explained the examination of the declarations will be held in two stages. First the agency will inquire whether the politicians provided the documents in time, as required by the law. This procedure is expected to take a week.

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After that the institution will start the complete check of the declarations, examining whether their earnings go in line with their work.

If a suspicion of foul play emerges during the inquiries, then either the country's National Anti-Corruption Bureau or the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office will step in. 

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