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17:38 Oct. 6, 2016

Do not leave Ukraine - Ouest France

Vyshyvanka march, Kyiv, Ukraine, May 28, 2016 (UNIAN Photo)

What if the peace of Europe was played out in Ukraine? At the crossroads of Europe and Eurasia, this land, that Empires have not ceased to covet for centuries, is immersing into the turmoil

This is a translation of the article Editorial. N'abandonnons pas l'Ukraine

Ukraine resists the dismantling of its territory. Yet, Russia's military pressure is growing since the annexation of Crimea even in spite of the Minsk agreements. It continues to arm separatists in eastern Ukraine, earning new cities. Crimea became a "huge Russian military base". Observers note that the former nuclear objects restarted their work.

Since the war began in 2014, more than ten thousand Ukrainian soldiers were killed, leaving behind a fair number of orphans. There are many wounded. More than a million and a half of Ukrainians became refugees, mainly in Ukraine. They fled the war in the East of Ukraine and the persecution in Crimea, directed against the political opponents, Greek Catholics, Tatars...

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The arrival of refugees who need to settle, and who are looking for a job, destabilize the fragile balance of society, enfeebled by the war. The whole economic sectors are disorganized. Military expenses have led to cutting in social expenses.

Despite this, the Ukrainians raise their heads. A new consciousness arises, overcoming the division of this country, a mosaic of cultures, languages, and religions.

New civic awareness

Ukrainians are mobilizing. Russian aggression they suffer shows that they share a common destiny. Disappointed after Maidan, they no longer rely on the government to change things, but only they themselves.

They say: "It is for us to change society and create our reality... Let us be the change we want to see in others. "

This awareness was manifested in the Ecumenical Social Weeks in Lviv, organized by the Catholic University. It affects people that could have disagreements, the Pro-Russian and Pro-Europeans, Christians and Muslims, young and old... They are united in the fight against corruption, resistance to propaganda, social policy, economic development, and reconciliation. And this movement is growing.

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Volunteers rise up "across the country. These organizations face the problems of internally displaced persons. They provide clothes, food, provide lodging. We are witnessing the birth of a new social group. In this blood, trouble and strife, people value citizenship," comments the sociologist Oksana Mikheieva.

Don't leave the Ukrainians alone. Monitor the aid that is donated to it arrives safely. Foster economic development through investments. Share the treasure of our democratic culture to help the birth of a new political class that turns its back on corruption.Let's be steadfast with Russia and support the march of the Ukrainian people towards freedom, democracy and peace.

Ukraine cannot be a bargaining chip to solve the Russian problem. Condoning the annexation of Crimea would mean recognition of de facto violation of international law. Fatal error, which, far from bringing peace, would encourage other threats, other violations, and other aggression.

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