: Docudays UA on Tour' Project - Germany to become festival next destination
Opinion16:48 Aug. 10, 2016

Docudays UA on Tour' Project - Germany to become festival next destination

Festival has already toured three European cities, successfully showcasing documentary films and photographs about Ukraine

UT sits down with Yuliya Serdyukova, 'See Ukraine: Docudays UA on Tour' project coordinator, to discuss the festival taking place in five European cities: what program Docudays UA crew has prepared, what countries have already been visited and what preliminary conclusions the festival organizers can make.

'See Ukraine' project coordinator feels passionate about the upcoming destination for the festival. She invites UT viewers to visit the project in Hamburg, that will start on September 8.

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"Our next stop is Hamburg, Germany. It will start on September 8. We have very beautiful locations we are proud of. The exhibition by Oleksandr Hlyadyelov will take place in St.Nicholas' church. It is now a museum dedicated to World War II. It's a half destroyed church, which is preserving that state since the War. We see it as a very symbolic place to present exhibition about present war in Ukraine", Yuliya Serdyukova told UT

Three European countries - France, Greece and Italy - have already hosted the travelling festival. However, shortly before the program start in Greece, "See Ukraine" was rallied by local radical groups, which accused the Ukrainian crew of being "nazi falsifying facts about the conflicts in Donbas and Crimea". That's why, the festival organizers were forced to look for another location, which finally became Ukraine's Embassy premises.

In that regard, the project conducting in Italy required additional security measures to prevent any protests that could derail 'See Ukraine'.

"It really went very well. First, we were worried a lot after Greece that it might happen in Italy too, so we were well prepared. We even asked local police to guard our events in Milan, where the festival took place. It went very peaceful", Yuliya Serdyukova said

Docudays UA is an international film festival covering human rights matters. It is annualy held in late March, in Kyiv. 'Beyond illusions' was a slogan of this year's Docudays.

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