Ukraine after Maidan: How have Ukraine and people changed after Revolution of Dignity?

16:25 Aug. 31, 2016

How have Ukraine and people changed after Revolution of Dignity?

In this file photo taken on Wednesday, Feb. 19, 2014, anti-government protesters clash with riot police in Independence Square

VoxUkraine analysis shows how Maidan affected thoughts and feelings of Ukrainians

The last 2.5 years are among the toughest in Ukrainian history: the Revolution, the occupation of the territory, war, economic crisis … How has it affected thoughts and feelings of Ukrainians?

Inna Volosevych from GfK Ukraine has analyzed dozens of polls and come to an unexpected conclusion: despite the continuous war and economic recession Ukrainians demonstrate higher patriotism, optimism, mutual trust, civic responsibility, and civic activity in 2014-2016 compared to pre-war situation. 

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While the level of public activity and desire to contribute to the development of the country has increased, the civic activity did not transform into political activity – low voter turnout and voting in line with populist TV ads or receiving "gifts" for proper voting are important factors of slow replacement of political elite and slow pace of progressive reforms.

Read the full analysis on VoxUkraine

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