Kyiv culture: Kyiv's New Revolution: Young Ukrainians spur cultural revival amid the conflict - Guardian

13:23 Aug. 31, 2016

Kyiv's New Revolution: Young Ukrainians spur cultural revival amid the conflict - Guardian


Ukraine's Maidan revolution has significantly democratised Ukrainian culture

Street festivals, new theatres, films and dozens of urban projects. This is what the Ukrainian capital Kyiv breathes with now. 

"Bold young artists, promoters, entrepreneurs and officials have quietly begun to transform this city of three million into a hotbed of urban creativity, with innovative theatre, outdoor concerts and food events, a slew of smart bars and cafes, and a flowering of film production and appreciation", writes Guardian's author David Lepeska

He mentions that after the Maidan events a quiet cultural revolution started in Kyiv. The city became a hotbed for numerous projects and cultural events, completely shaking off the Soviet mindset. 

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"Everybody abroad thinks Ukraine is in a war now, a terrible crisis, and it's not safe here," says culture minister Nyshchuk. "Of course, there are issues, but right now we have great potential. Kyiv is seeing so many festivals and events, so much creativity. Culture can play a key role in spurring development."

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