Clubbing in Eastern Europe: London's nightlife is dying. We should look to Eastern Europe for clubbing - Calvert Journal

17:36 Sep. 21, 2016

London's nightlife is dying. We should look to Eastern Europe for clubbing - Calvert Journal

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The momentum has shifted to the capitals of eastern Europe, whose underground electronic music scenes are starting to rival Berlin's - writes Arthur House

So Fabric has closed, and London's once-great club culture is on its last legs. Enough ink has been spilt over the short-sightedness of Islington Council's decision, but with rising rents and rapacious property developers forcing London clubs to close by the dozen in recent years, it was probably only a matter of time before Fabric went the same way.

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Still, the closure of such an important venue marks a new phase in the blandification of London, a city that we call home here at The Calvert Journal. We've got a night tube now, but what are we going to use it for?

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For years now, London's clubbers have been casting envious glances over at Berlin, with its great music, aggro-free crowds and parties that go on all weekend. Unlike London, Berlin's local authorities value clubbing's place at the heart of the city's cultural life.

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But if we're already used to looking east, we'd do well to look a bit further in that direction, to other cities only a short plane ride away. Because while clubbing in London has been entering its death throes, it's been coming of age in eastern Europe.

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