Diplomatic coup for Russia: New Kerry-Lavrov deal on Syria is a "diplomatic coup for Russia" – Orient News

14:13 Sep. 11, 2016

New Kerry-Lavrov deal on Syria is a "diplomatic coup for Russia" – Orient News

Putin-Assad aviation bombing Homs with barrel bombs, Sept. 11, 2016 (Screenshot from Motasem Homs / YouTube)

German columnist: Moscow has nothing to offer but more or less bombs on Syrian civilians 

Orient News published analysis from German Bild political editor Julian Roepke on new Kerry-Lavrov agreement on Syria under the title "Another ceasefire, another license for Assad to kill".

On February 26, a ceasefire for Syria was agreed upon between the United States and Russia. It included a total cease of hostilities against civilians as well as rebels pledging not to attack regime troops and the regime pledges not to attack rebel troops. Then-Nusra and ISIS were the only two parties which were not part of the deal and which were allowed to be targeted by Russia, the US and the Assad regime.

More than 6000 Syrian civilians paid with their lives for this dirty deal since then (according to the SNHR), which was fully ignored by Russia and the Syrian regime since day 1 of coming into effect. It led to unprecedented bloodshed, dozens of gas attacks on children by the regime air force, almost a hundred hospitals and medical facilities were destroyed by Russian precision bombs, 300.000 people in Aleppo besieged and depending on the "good will" of Russia and Assad and last but by no means least, the worst-ever single case of ethnic displacement during the war in the Damascus suburb of Darayya.

In other words, every sane statesman should have realized by now that Russia and the Assad regime are not trustworthy partners in any form of negotiation, not even interested in peace, only using "cessations of hostilities" to fulfill their strategic goals by a mix of diplomatic and military means.

Six months and eleven days later, the United States and Russia agreed on another "Cessation of Hostilities", "renewing and improving" the deadly February deal that led to nothing but sorrow for the Syrian people and improved the situation for the regime.

The deal legalizes the Russian and regime air strikes and ground attacks against "Nusra" targets, ignoring not only that the group does not exist anymore along with any other target definition of Islamist extremist terror groups would be needed, but also neglecting the proven fact that both Assad's and Putin's forces claim to have ONLY targeted "Nusra" since February. 

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