Pollution fight: Project tackles pollution on Ukraine shores of Black Sea (video)

11:37 Oct. 3, 2016

Project tackles pollution on Ukraine shores of Black Sea (video)

Black sea (GettyImages)

A group of volunteers and scientists are carrying out a project to tackle plastic pollution on the Ukrainian shores of the Black Sea

The clean beach project is organized by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and supported financially by both the UNDP and the EU.

The project team that includes volunteers and scientists aims to free Ukraine's beaches of plastic waste. Apart from collecting the discarded bottles, nets, and other waste, the team also wishes to raise awareness about the dangers of plastic pollution for the ecosystem.

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Another group of scientists inspected seashells which are good indicators of the biological health of the beach. A major concern of the team is how unseen waste and small pieces of litter can harm a huge population of fish.

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This can eventually endanger different bird species residing in the region. The Ukrainian beaches are also an important migratory path for millions of birds travelling south for the winter. The team hopes that the beaches are clean and full of fish by the time next flocks of birds embark on their journey.

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