Putin-Assad forces continue bombarding besieged Aleppo: Russia blocks UN move to stop Aleppo bombing - DW

15:19 Oct. 9, 2016

Russia blocks UN move to stop Aleppo bombing - DW

Damaged buildings inside the Bustan Al-Basha neighborhood of Aleppo, Syria, Oct. 4, 2016 (AP Images)

Moscow has vetoed a French-drafted resolution to end air strikes on Aleppo, France claims Russian air strikes have "nothing to do with combating terrorism"

Syrian regime troops are battling to push rebels out of eastern Aleppo, where some 250,000 civilians are still under siege. The bombing was destroying hospitals and schools, and killing civilians, French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said ahead of the Saturday vote.

"If we don't do something this town (Aleppo) will soon just be in ruins and will remain in history as a town in which the inhabitants were abandoned to their executioners," Ayrault told the UN Security Council.

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The draft resolution demanded an immediate end to fighting in Syria, including a halt on bombing Aleppo by Russia and the Syrian regime. It also requested unhindered humanitarian access across the war-torn country.

The air campaign "has nothing to do with combating terrorism," Ayrault said. "It is the annihilation of Aleppo."

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The document was endorsed by France, the US, the UK, and eight other members of the 15-seat council. Russia, however, used its veto to block the initiative. Venezuela also voted against it, while China and Angola abstained.

In turn, Russia proposed its own resolution based on the French draft, but with no mention of the  Aleppo air raids. This push also failed after garnering only three more votes in favor from China, Venezuela and Egypt.

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