Russian arrested in Geneva after saying there was a bomb aboard the plane: Russia's Aeroflot plane evacuated in Switzerland after bomb threat

17:59 Oct. 13, 2016

Russia's Aeroflot plane evacuated in Switzerland after bomb threat

A Boeing Co 787 passenger aircraft, operated by Aeroflot - Russian Airlines. Venice, Italy, Feb. 1, 2016 (Getty Images)

A man has been arrested after saying there was a bomb aboard

A passenger plane was evacuated at Switzerland's Geneva airport on Thursday, as reported by Reuters

Police arrested a man after he was saying there was a bomb on board, the Geneva prosecutor's office said in a statement. According to it, the arrested man was Russian and there were 115 people on board, who are to be transferred to other aircraft for the journey. 

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An Aeroflot statement said it was Aeroflot flight 2381 to Moscow.

The prosecutor's office said a police bomb disposal team was checking the aircraft, which an airport spokesman said was still standing empty on the tarmac.

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