Ukraine war: Will the West Ever Stand Up to Putin? - Atlantic Council

15:44 Oct. 13, 2016

Will the West Ever Stand Up to Putin? - Atlantic Council

Ruined house in Shyrokyne, Mariupol region, Ukraine. July 2016. (UNIAN Photo)

Ukrainian MEP Hanna Hopko shares her thoughts on possible outcome of the next Normandy meeting, scheduled on October 19

Hanna Hopko states that the planned Normandy meeting will hardly have any positive results. Nothing can be achieved without a detailed roadmap of a real ceasefire, says Hopko. 

Russia is essentially demanding that Ukraine fully implements Minsk, including the holding of elections in the Russian-occupied territory in the Donbas while meeting a tiny part (at most one percent) of its Minsk obligations.

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After all, the most basic requirement of Minsk is an end to the shooting, but there has not been one day since the first ceasefire was agreed to over two years ago that there has not been shelling from the Russian-controlled side of the contact line. This is not a genuine offer to secure peace; it's just a game. The Kremlin must be completely isolated until the shelling in the Donbas stops.

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Hanna Hopko is a UkraineAlert contributor, a member of Ukraine's parliament and chair of its foreign affairs committee.

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