: Digital memories of northwardly Norwegian city
Society17:06 Mar. 22, 2016

Digital memories of northwardly Norwegian city

Francisco Mattos's project offers tourists never to be forgotten memories

Tourists and visitors in the world's northernmost settlement of Longyearbyen in Norway always want to capture the beauty of the landscape, but sometimes a simple selfie just isn't enough.

At the capital of the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard, the emphasis is on the enormity and beauty of the landscape and that is the idea behind the project of cameraman Francisco Mattos. He is offering clients a special digital memory of their trip, using drones to capture the dramatic scale and scope of the landscape that simply can't be recorded from the ground. 

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"We do images from where people cannot see. Actually we do images from drones, so out here in the Arctic the mountains are too big, everything is too big, you don't have a perspective sometimes if you don't see from above, so when you actually see it from above, from a drone shot, everything becomes more beautiful and you actually have an idea how big the place is," Photographer And Videographer Francisco Mattos says.

The project caught the attention of Jamie Buchanan-Dunlop from educational organisation Digital Explorer. He said the service made a real difference and provided records of experiences that do justice to the landscape. 

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"I think you know there's the traditional camera and you know there's a 'selfie' and there's all these big crazes going on at the moment. I think there is two things here. First of which is though there's places which not many people get to go to and when you are there or somewhere like the Arctic, it's that sense of scale that is really amazing, there is this amazing expanse of whiteness and wildness. So having tools like the drone or 360 (camera) give you that sense of perspective, give you that sense of awesome scale and it means you can share that more easily with people around the world," Founder Of Digital Explorer Ukraine's Jamie Buchanan-Dunlop says.


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