: 32-year-old message in a bottle found in Ukraine
Society16:58 May. 10, 2016

32-year-old message in a bottle found in Ukraine

The find discovered in a train compartment that was turned into a playground attraction

What would you do if you found a message in a bottle?

Well, residents of a Ukrainian city of Mykolaiv can share a few tips about retrieving a letter dating back more than thirty years.

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The old champagne bottle was found by a janitor in one of the train compartments at a museum-style playground.

'I started to sweep, then saw a wire, for some reason it peaked my curiosity so I decided to pull it, and there it was a bottle with a message inside of it,' janitor Tetyana Yakymenko said.

Ms. Yakymenko handed the bottle over to the locomotive workers currently repairing the playground. At first, they say, no one wanted to touch it for the fear of damaging the letter. In order to get the message out, Eduard Kolesnikov who is a welder by trade decided to make a special hook. He dragged the note out and right away figured out that it was written by someone in the locomotive depot.

'The train was painted, prepped for parking at a playground. We're sending best wishes to the next generations. September 1, 1983,' welder Eduard Kolesnikov said.

A letter from the past, it's rare for someone to see a note like that during their lifetime.

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Volodymyr Popov who wasn't the author of the message but took part in the process says it was quite popular to leave a note for generations to come. Popov, a former locomotive crew commander says the letter was actually written by two people - dictated by the director of the plant and handwritten by the painter, both have died a while back.

The letter is now in the hands of a local museum. But locomotive plant workers say they will have their own version soon. They promise to inscribe a message inside one of the train compartments once the repairs have been complete.

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