: Activists clash with National Guard during attempts to enter Lviv City Hall

11:28 Jun. 10, 2016

Activists clash with National Guard during attempts to enter Lviv City Hall

Photo source: vholos.info

Protesters demand mayor resign after landfill tragedy

Several hundreds of Lviv residents gathered on Thursday at the City Hall to rally against the actions of the city authorities, which had led to the tragedy at the Hrybovychi landfill killing at least three. The activists demanded that City Mayor Andriy Sadovyi resign claiming he was responsible for the deaths.

Almost 1,000 police officers and National Guard soldiers were protecting the City Hall building, and only the staff and officials were let in.

The City Council was planning to discuss the situation with the Hrybovychi disposal dump and decide on social payments for the children of the victims.

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About 200 activists made two attempts to enter the building, but the soldiers prevented them, UNIAN reports. After that, the City Council secretary had to close the session.

Following the protest, dozens of Lviv residents started bringing trash to the house of Sadovyi, who was absent during the Council meeting.

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Hrybovychi accident occurred on April 30 when the aggregated trash at a disposal dump collapsed due to a blaze and killed three firemen. One man is still missing.

Lviv, one of Ukraine's most-populated cities, is situated just 10 kilometers from the disposal dump. Suburb residents say the air quality is nowhere near acceptable, many claim it is right out contaminated. The Hrybovychi landfill is currently out of service. Since the collapse, Lviv authorities shut it down but are reluctant to disclose where trash is being disposed at instead.

The tragic incident drew much attention to the systemic issues within Ukraine's recycling industry. In Kyiv, each year brings 1.2 million tons of trash, with only one recycling plant. The city authorities claim during the last year and a half the facility managed to double its productivity without damaging the ecology.

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