Improvement on the go: Agents of changes: simple answers to making life better
Society19:00 Nov. 23, 2016

Agents of changes: simple answers to making life better

Enthusiasts all over Ukraine change the small things around them to influence the big ones

A sunny tree that charges phones with solar panels, benches that hide when it's raining or just bright walls and flowers in the yard: Ukrainian agents of changes are ready to change the country. They are ordinary people, who decided to make the world better, step by step, starting with the space around them.

Sveta Rudikova is an illustrator of kids books. This is how the corridor near her apartment looks like. But she did not stop there - and decided to carry on outside.


Ihor Sklyarevsky has chosen another way to apply changes. He is a designer and loves navigation. He spent two years, convincing the city administration that Kyiv needs new navigation signs. And - he won.

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Now Ihor and his agents of changes - make new navigation for the subway.


They have also implemented new navigation inside subway carriages - now it shows when the train will arrive at the next stop, even giving timings in English and Ukrainian. The next goal - is to install information points around the city.


Modern Ukraine is full of these agents for changes. In towns and villages, there are hundreds of people who want not only to earn money but also to make life around them brighter, smarter and a lot more comfortable.

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This year all of them received a chance to get financing for their dreams from regional budgets. The contest for the best idea continues, and the winners will get cash - and lots of support.

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