: Ukrainian MP explains transport regulation reforms
Opinion15:21 Apr. 8, 2016

Ukrainian MP explains transport regulation reforms

Development of inland waterways will prove Ukraine is 'good and reliable transit partner for European countries' - Alexander Urbansky

Ukrainian MP Alexander Urbansky joins Ukraine Today to discuss some of the legislative initiatives of the Ukrainian parliament. He is a co-author and promoter of the new draft bill on inland waterways.

Speaking about the bill Mr. Urbansky explains the importance of river connection between the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea and perspectives of river cargoes international delivery: "This bill shows in real time that the Ukrainian parliament is eager and willing not only in words, but in real action in making some changes in the country. It shows that we are doing some reforms. This is a very unique thing for the Ukrainian transport system. This bill on the law inland waterways, also known under the registration number №24-75A, opens inland waterways of Ukraine, our rivers for ships under the foreign flags. It enables the cargo owners to ship their goods up and down the river. Also it will enable some other industries such as ship repairs, shipbuilding to develop."

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Answering to a question about supporting cooperation with other countries and investments, Mr. Urbansky said, "There is a corridor which is called E-40 corridor. It is from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea via Belarus and Poland, from starting point of the river Dnieper up to the port of Gdansk. We will be able to ship our cargoes. This law will develop rivers inland of Ukraine. That will be a good indicative for our European partners that Ukraine is not only 'transit country', but show we are indeed good and reliable transit partner for European countries."

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Explaining the details of the bill, Mr Urbasnky said, "For Ukraine, the law will enable the development our river infrastructure, first of all the river terminals. Private investors will help to build new river terminals and develop the existing ones. The government will just have controlling and legislative function."

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