: Another Russian ‘aid convoy' arrives in occupied areas of Donbas

12:44 Jun. 23, 2016

Another Russian ‘aid convoy' arrives in occupied areas of Donbas

Trucks marked as Russian aid convoy to Ukraine drive in line as they return to Russia on the border post at Izvaryne, eastern Ukraine, Sept. 13, 2014 (AP photo)

53rd humanitarian convoy allegedly transports food and medicine, Kyiv says trucks bring supplies to militant forces

Russia has sent its 53rd so-called ‘humanitarian convoy' to the occupied territories of eastern Ukraine. More than 40 trucks allegedly carrying aid for the citizens of the devastated region have arrived in Luhansk. This is according to the Russian Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergencies.

Moscow claims the column crossed the Ukrainian-Russian border "in accordance with international laws," and Ukraine's customs and border patrol service were present at the inspection of the cargo.

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Russia has been sending its trucks to the separatist-controlled areas of Donbas since August 2014, despite protests from official Kyiv.

Ukraine has repeatedly called on Moscow to stop violating its territorial integrity by crossing the border without any official permission.

Ukrainian authorities claim every time a convoy crosses the border, the Russian-backed separatist forces increase their attacks; as instead of food supplies the white-painted trucks bring weapons, munitions and anti-tank grenades.

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