NotMyPresident: Anti-Trump rallies sweep across U.S.

17:13 Nov. 10, 2016

Anti-Trump rallies sweep across U.S.

Protestors gather outside Trump Tower during a protest against President-elect Donald Trump of Republican Party in New York, United States on November 9, 2016 (Getty Images)

Thousand march against Trump, burning effigies and blocking traffic

More than 120 people were arrested across the U.S. as thousands took to the streets to protest Republican Donald Trump's surprise presidential election win.

Demonstrators marched in at least 25 cities, chanting "Not my president" and blasting his controversial campaign rhetoric.

In several cities protesters blocked traffic, started fires and clashed with police.


Thousands filled streets in midtown Manhattan as they made their way to Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue. Hundreds of others gathered at a Manhattan park and shouted "Not my president."


In downtown Chicago, an estimated 1,800 people marched through the city's downtown and gathered outside the Trump International Hotel and Tower, chanting phrases like "No Trump! No KKK! No racist USA."


Protesters filled the streets in Washington, D.C., and gathered outside the newly-opened Trump hotel.


Hundreds of people took to the streets of downtown Los Angeles. Many protesters gathered at City Hall, where they burned a piñata of Trump. 

Others were blocking traffic on one of the city's main arteries as police in riot gear tried to clear them. The Los Angeles Police Department reported 13 arrests.


In Seattle, about 100 protesters gathered in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, blocked roads and set a trash bin on fire. Protesters marched through downtown, carrying signs that read "Black Lives Matter", "Love Trumps Hate," and "The people united, will never be defeated." They also chanted "Not My President," as Seattle Police officers on bicycles closely watched over the marchers.


About 7,000 showed up in the northern California city to protest president-elect Trump, according to the Oakland Police Department.

The protests were mostly peaceful, except for splinter groups that vandalized the city's downtown area, setting objects on fire and breaking windows, according to the the Oakland P.D.'s public information officer, Johnna Watson. Some 30 people were arrested on charges of assault on an officer, vandalism, unlawful assembly, failure to disperse, and possession of a firearm.


An estimated 10,000 anti-Trump protesters crowded in Boston downtown. Protesters chanted "Not My President," "No Fascist," and "We Will Not Be Silenced."

Anti-Trump protests were also held in Dallas, Richmond, Philadelphia, Portland, Atlanta and Pittsburgh.

SOURCE: Reuters, ABC News

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